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We source questions from users in various sectors that your work has already solved or has the potential to. These questions will be based on either your publications or areas of interest. Once you answer, we will give the user an opportunity to contribute funds to your project, book a call or collaborate further with you. They’ll also be encouraged to cite your original work.

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For power professionals:

I'm currently evaluating new cybersecurity protocols for IoT wireless communications in our city. How does the EIDDM protocol fare against other existing protocols in terms of efficiency? Understanding this comparison will help us make informed decisions to enhance the cybersecurity of our city's infrastructure.

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For power professionals:

The average throughput and PDR using the EIDDM protocol have improved by 6.5 % and 14 %, respectively. Using the EIDDM protocol, however, communication overhead and average energy usage were lowered by 25% and 6.6 percent, respectively.

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