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The wisest of people are those who gather the minds of others into their own.
Ali ibn abi talib a.s

Innovate fast or watch ai kill your company

Many companies will fall victim to the ferocious speed of ai advancement. To stop this, you need to innovate fast and push your R&D to the edge of what is possible. At Boff ai, this is what we specialise in. We uncover cutting edge research from researchers and teams all over the world and tailor it specifically to your company, driving growth and de-risking r&d.

We bridge you with the future

To position every company for real r&d breakthroughs.
We’re giving r&d teams the mining tools to unearth cutting edge solutions at speed.
We are the first company to build an ecosystem around the individual academics.
Our core value is in seeking abundance for the world fairly and safely.

Numbers show why we are a necessity

The current process of discovering what is happening in research is broken and guarantees you will miss out on the gems.
Number of papers published per year
Up to
Fake papers that are submitted to journals
Research groups, labs and centes worlwide

How we will rebuild the system

For 5 years we investigated the issues in academic research. From communication methods and spin outs to choice of projects and funding. All of these issues pointed to one underlying problem. Namely, that research is built around journals not the need for it in everyday life. As such, rather than the academic being empowered to push their skills to the boundaries of what is possible for human progress - they are restricted. They are not empowered.
Boff ai is building a system where academics, together with companies, policymakers and enthusiasts, confront challenges head on. Our system is designed to allow interdisciplinary collaboration to happen organically and at unprecedented speed. By empowering the academic and allowing them to showcase their contributions fairly and in a targetted way, we will unlock resources for them, opportunity for organisations and progress for humanity.

Who we are

Mr. Hussain
Hussain has been at the intersection of academia and real world applications across content, business and commercialisation. He built several tech businesses across higher ed and research with a specific focus on mass adoption after working in finance. Away from the office he...is in the office!

Mr. Aytac
Aytac has specialised in ontological understanding and mapping across engineering and academia for 25 years. This technical expertise coupled with his unwavering commitment to improve opportunities for under-represented academics is a key driver behind Boff AI’s organic growth. On his off time, Aytac is a CCE ranked chess player on his way to grand mastery!

Mr. Hasan
Hasan is maker at heart. From recycling toys in order to make even better ones as a child to working at the cutting edge of computer engineering and AI. He specialises in two sided software solutions. Hasan volunteers his time to teaching children in Somalia how to code.