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Make sense of the full R&D landscape from research to product as it happens.

Discover the entire research and development landscape through advanced ontologies from academic and institution to product and company.

Navigate through a sample R&D map and see how invisible connections are uncovered and turned into opportunities.

Built around ontologies of research areas of focus, we connect R&D to all the related players so that you can focus on revenue development and discoveries.

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In theory, what alternative non invasive methods can be used to measure blood sugar levels?

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Prof. D Jain

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Frequently asked questions

What topics and subjects can I ask about?
You are welcome to ask about anything that concerns your R&D or projects you’re working on. This can be technical, general or anything in between. We will identify the most suitable people to answer it based on our thorough academic mapping and context extraction system.
How long does it take to get an answer?
We source your answers from the experts themselves, so it is a bit slower than your typical large language model chatbot. However, we aim to generate answers within the first 24 hours. We’ll always aim to get multiple answers so that you have a holistic solution as opposed to a single answer.
How much does Boff ai cost, and is there a free version?
While there is a free version for browsing, we charge R&D teams a subscription price of £46 per seat. We provide custom pricing to map out your organisations R&D and its relationship to other companies, academics and groups.
Who are the experts you source the answers from?
The answers only come from published academics, who by definition are the world’s experts in their research niche. We do not select from specific publications. Instead we rely on all the latest research repositories and publications that are of a high enough caliber for researchers to use themselves. This way you can be sure that you are receiving high quality answers.
I’m an academic. How does Boff ai get my work to the right people?
Through detailed analysis of your work, projects and profiles we build a model that identifies the questions you can answer from companies, academics and professionals across sectors. We then curate these questions directly from these people or develop them based on a need we have identified. Once you answer, it’ll appear on the feeds of everyone who needs it.